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Mjll Hlm is a  singer in Iceland and she has been singing for many years. Mostly pop-music. She has  also been singing old standards, a little jass and romantic songs

I guess I could say that shes got a little crush on the old sixties. Man , those songs can really get her going. You should really take the time to look at her 60s web
if you share that same interest. She was born in the capitol of Iceland, Reykjavik. She  comes from a big family that consists of seven brothers and two sisters. Now she is a mother and a grandmother.

She started to sing when she  was 16 years old and before that she once performed in a concert with another female vocalist. They were both fourteen at the time. 

In the year 1971  she performed on a
record two songs which became very popular in Iceland. 
One of the song  has become one of the most popular songs that has  been produced in Iceland.  

A  year later performed on another
record , also two songs and although they were not as succesful as the first record they became quite popular.

It wasnt untill the year 1995 that she produced another record, but this time it was a cd.

Here you can find information about a new cd that has just been released. Go see ( 2007 )



" J. jonasson "