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Allt sem  vilt vita um Elvis Presley
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Marilyn Monroe- vigrip og fl.
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This web contains informations about popular hit songs from 1955 - 1965.
The informations are in icelandic but in every case I put a link to english websites about the song and the singer I am writing about each time. 
On the Internet you can find endless informations so this is going to be a long journey.
I will enhance this web to my best knowledge.
I hope that someone out there will find as much joy reading about this area as I do.


 For me ,the music from this area has always been my favorite music. The music it self and the lyrics are full of emotions and most of the time not so difficult to learn. I am not saying that these songs are the greatest of all time, only that they are my favorite songs.




James Dean driving the Porche with his mechanic Rolf Wutherich the same day that James died. This happened in september the 30th,1930. James Dean was just 24 years old.



Marilyn Monroe singing "Happy Birthday" to John F.Kennedy on his upcoming 45th birthday. This occurred at mai 19th,1962. Kennedy was born in mai 29th,1917.



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